12″ Red Chile Ristra

One foot red chile ristras made with the Sandia variety of New Mexico chile. Our chile ristras are all at least the quoted length, and are often longer. Our one foot ristras are the easiest ristras to use for decoration, as they fit everywhere you can think of, and can give a nice splash of southwestern color in any room.

This size ristra will shrink very quickly if you cook with it, but be assured that the flavor is worth it. For more serious cooks, consider buying a longer ristra or dried chile pods in addition to the ristra.


This is a placeholder page until September 2022, when Hatch red chile will be ready to tie into ristras. We will start shipping chile ristras across the continental US at that point in the chile season. For more information, check out our page, chile ristras

There is a lot of information about how to store or cook with ristras in our ristra FAQ as well.

Read this if you want to find the best place to hang your ristra.

Red chile ristras made with Sandia chile from Hatch, New Mexico. Ristras are a great decoration to make guests feel welcome. It is a great looking piece that can not only add color to your kitchen, but your meals as well. Dried ed chile is a fundamental part of New Mexican cuisine, and chile ristras are the best way of storing dried red chile.

Hatch chile ristras
Hatch red chile ristras in front of our original sign


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