If you want to know how to roast New Mexico green chile, or most chile peppers, look no further.

To begin with, we need to analyze what we want from the roast. In general, the purpose of roasting is mainly to peel the chile, with a smaller emphasis put on giving it a smoky flavor profile.

In order to peel a chile, it has to have a point where it peels FROM. That means you need a lot of direct heat on the chile to blister it. These blisters are fracture points of the peel, and where you can start to pull it off.

So, step 1 is high heat, as hot as you can. This would be your oven’s broiler, a bbq grill, or a blowtorch. Or you can be like me and have a few barrel roasters lying around.

You want to keep it on that high source of heat for about 3-4 minutes, but watch carefully. If you heat the chile for too long, it will burn, and the peel will stick back onto the fruit. Blackening is good, and if up to half of a side of chile blackens, it is still ok. More than that and you will risk burning.

Flip it over, and do the same to the other side. Some chiles have more than 2 sides, just turn it over again. Once you blacken all the sides, you can peel it under a running tap. You can also give it a dump in cold water to help loosen the peel also. The rapid change in temperature can help separate the peel even more.

I hope you enjoy roasting your New Mexico green chile. If you want to skip the work of roasting, we roast chile every day in Albuquerque during chile season. You can find us at 2010 Eubank, Albuqueruque, New Mexico 87112. Part 2 will be a guide to roasting with a barrel roaster.

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