Watermelons from Hatch, New Mexico

Local New Mexico melons have arrived

We try to carry as much local produce as we can. We sell a lot more than just green and red chile products. In terms of local food, we have beans from Estancia, chicos from Espanola, watermelons from Hatch, and cantaloupes from San Antonio, New Mexico. More produce will be available as it comes into season, such as tree fruit like peaches, plums, and even apples later in the season.

The flavor of local produce can’t be matched, because the short supply chain makes it so farmers can harvest when the fruit and melons are ripe. Our produce we sell doesn’t need to sit for a week or more in trucks and distribution centers before it reaches you. In general, it is picked one day before we start selling it. Talk about fresh!

In modern times, we are seeing how dangerous global supply chains are becoming. The more reliant we are on foreign countries like China and Russia, the bigger problems we have when supply gets interrupted for whatever reason. Although we aren’t a big impact on the overall market, we believe keeping business close to home is the best way to ensure food stability. The United States is an agricultural powerhouse, and we want to showcase the unique produce available in New Mexico. We grow a lot more than chile here, and have some amazing farmers who deserve recognition.

Yes, we have chile too

We have many varieties of chile, ranging from mild to lumbre, our xxx hot. We also have a decent amount of chile ristras, for those of you who want some southwestern style in your life. Additionally, we have chile pasado, which is dried roasted chile. Chile pasado is a great thing to ship, as it is lightweight and not very bulky.