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  • The Hatch Chile Festival

    The Hatch Chile Festival

    People around the world love New Mexico chile, because it has a good manageable amount of heat and a lot of meatiness that can be used to pack a lot of chile flavor into any food you can imagine. Of New Mexico chile, Hatch chile is the most famous by far. In fact, Hatch chile…

  • Hatch Green Chile Roasting Near you in 2023

    Hatch Green Chile Roasting Near you in 2023

    Where to get roasted green chile in Albuquerque? We roast chile at 2010 Eubank Blvd NE Albuquerque, NM 87112. When it comes to roasted Hatch green chile in Albuquerque, the original is always worth checking out. We’ve been roasting chile since 1977, before anyone else in the city. Most other roasters were just kids or…

  • Will travel for New Mexico chile

    Will travel for New Mexico chile

    Something nice about visiting chile farms, is that they tend to be in valleys with beautiful scenery all around. This is a picture of one of the fields at Snake Ranch in San Antonio, New Mexico, where we get most of our late season green chile from, as well as tomatoes and cantaloupe. Every season,…