A New Mexico green chile plant with lots of flowers

It’s time to grow New Mexico chile

It is March 2024 now, and the weather in New Mexico now is quite cold, but it will probably be the last real winter weather of the season. That means it is almost time to plant chile! If you want to plant indoors and transfer later, you can do it from the beginning of March, then transplant them outside after 4-8 weeks. Chile doesn’t really like ground temperatures less than about 60 degrees at night, so keep that in mind.

If you want to buy seeds, the Chile Pepper Institute in Las Cruces, New Mexico is my recommendation. They are a part of New Mexico State University, which is responsible for cultivating the New Mexico chile varieties we all know and love. The proceeds from sales go directly into research and education related to chile cultivation. They also have plenty of information available online about how to grow chile, whether it is conventional or organic, and in New Mexico or elsewhere.

There are many guides online which do a great job explaining how to grow, so I won’t waste your time writing one. Check here for a great guide written by Paul Bosland, director of the Chile Pepper Institute and Stephanie Walker. Additionally, check here if you want my guide to growing chile. It covers many things about growing chile, and helps break down common problems so you can get the best possible plant growth and fruiting.

If you happen to grow a large amount and want it roasted, we can do that at 2010 Eubank in Albuquerque for a small fee. We hope to be your source for chile roasting in Albuquerque in 2024! Naturally, we also have tons of chile ristras, dried chile products, and a lot of local produce too!

Green chile roaster
Hatch Green Chile roasting in Abluquerque