If you are in New Mexico or old Mexico, you will no doubt see posole on many menus, especially if the weather is cold. Also spelled pozole, the name doubles as an ingredient and a soup. The ingredient itself is a nixtamalized corn, similar to hominy. As we aren’t a restaurant, we focus mainly on the dried form of posole. It is a fantastic ingredient in soups, but can also be used in salads, or ground up to make corn tortillas. It is a truly versatile ingredient, which is healthy ad filling.

Posole the soup

The soup has many different varieties in Mexico, with soup colors ranging from green, to red, to even black, often incorporating chicken or pork. In New Mexico, the typical soup is made with red chile and pork, often accompanied by a tortilla. This hearty soup is full of nutrition, as the process to turn corn into posole unlocks a lot of vitamins and minerals from corn that we are unable to digest normally. More than just being healthy, the soup warms one’s bones on cold winter days. If you ever travel to the balloon fiesta in the morning, be sure to try some posole and see how warm it keeps you.

At Farmers Chile Market, we do our best to provide local options, and New Mexican posole is one of them. Whether you like yellow corn, blue corn, or even mixed color varieties, we will almost always have locally sourced posole available. We are a company that has supported local farmers and small businesses since 1962. Since our change to being a seasonal business, we have increased our proportion of local products. Chile season is also when many other fruits and vegetables are in season in New Mexico. We always aim to get produce as fresh as possible. Buying local means we get it the day after harvest.

If you are buying posole, you should also remember to pick up a chile ristra, or dried red chile pods too. They go hand in hand, and with these two ingredients, you can cook a large amount of New Mexican recipes.

Where to get posole in Albuquerque

During the chile season, Farmers Chile Market has several varieties of posole at 2010 Eubank NE 87112 in Albuquerque. We are open every year from August to the end of October. We have many other local products from farms around New Mexico as well. Roasting green chile is still our core business, but we aren’t just a one trick pony. Come see for yourself why we are the best source for New Mexican food products in Albuquerque.