Local New Mexico pinto bean bags

Local Estancia Pinto Beans

When it comes to local beans, we have tried many different farms since we started in 1962. There are bean growing regions in many areas of New Mexico, but our go to place in the last 20 years has been Ness Farms. They take pride in having only the best quality beans available. Every year, when they new crop of beans comes in, they buy back old product in order to ensure the beans for sale in retail locations like ours are at most only one year old. The beans you might get at a typical grocery store will often be much older, sitting around in giant warehouses around the country for months or years, waiting for whatever giant company needs more supply.

This level of quality control is a big reason why we trust Ness Farms so much. Taking pride in one’s product is somewhat of a lost art it seems, with many corporations chasing fancy branding and efficiency over quality. Quality produce has always been our focus over our decades in business. We have always aimed to provide good quality at affordable prices for local New Mexicans like us. More than just that, we aim to support local farms and small businesses as much as we can.

Beans are an integral part of both Mexican and New Mexican cuisines, used as a side dish at almost every meal. With that importance, you better believe that we prioritize quality in this product. We aim to provide the most important ingredients of New Mexican food. Chile and beans is quite literally our bread and butter, the staple food and the flavor.

Where to get the best beans in New Mexico

During the chile season, we have Ness Farms beans at 2010 Eubank NE 87112 in Albuquerque. We are open every year from August to the end of October, and also get our pumpkins from the same farm. In addition to beans and pumpkins, we also have many Hatch red chile ristras, and a large variety of green and red chile products, not to mention lots of local produce as well.