Green chile roaster roasting Hatch chile in Albuquerque

2022 Hatch chile season

It’s July now, and that means green chile is almost ready! Although some farmers have already started harvesting chile, we believe it isn’t up to our standards yet. We will start roasting on August 4th, 2022 starting with Medium and Hot varieties, and more to come later as more chile matures. In case you are on this page in 2024, we will start roasting on Friday August 2nd 2024!

If you can’t wait and need chile now, here is a guide to make sure you get the best chile possible, wherever you buy!

No matter where you are, the chile season is a great time to get some spicy chile peppers from the chile capital of the world, New Mexico. The season starts with a few varieties of chile which range in a medium to hot heat level. Mild is not grown in large quantities, so it generally will be available later as a result. The hotter the chile is, the more difficult it is to grow to a level where it roasts well, so extra hot and lumbre chile usually arrives two or three weeks after our first shipment. More than just that, green chile is only one side of the flavor experience you can get during the New Mexico chile season. Green chile ripens to red chile as the season progresses, and lets people have access not only to Autumn roast chile, but also fresh red chile.

Red chile

We will start getting fresh red chile in the month of September. We can roast it for those who like the sweet roasted flavor of fresh red chile. It is also great for tying your own chile ristra, and we will be glad to teach you how to do it.

As always, we will have a great variety, including special shape pequin ristras and muti-colored ristras, in addition to the traditional sandia red chile ristras. You can be sure that our prices will be competitive with any seller in Albuquerque and definitely better priced than any other chile stores in the northeast heights.

Our 45th chile roasting season

Although we have been selling Hatch chile since the early 1960s, we started roasting chile in 1977. That means this year marks our 45th year roasting chile in Albuquerque. Thank you for continuing to make Farmers Chile Market your choice for the 2022 New Mexico chile season. Follow us on Facebook if you want more information or up to date information on our chile roasting operation this year.