My experience with fermentation

I’ve been an avid fan of fermentation for years. Whether it is brewing beer with yeast, using salt to encourage lactobacteria, or using koji to ferment different grains, I have done them all. There is a special complexity of flavor which only fermentation unlocks.

Reasons to ferment

The benefits of fermentation are vast. There are many different flavor compounds as well as nutrients which are unlocked by different bacteria and fungi. The key is mainly to provide a good environment for whatever you are trying to produce, and you will generally be rewarded with a great tasting result.

Today, I want to talk about fermenting green chile. In my experience, it ferments better than red, and rewards you with a very bright and uplifting flavor to any dish. If you have had kimchi, you know that it gives a sour and spicy nature, and elevates the flavor of a dish. Fermented green chile does the same. It maintains some of the earthy smokiness, but lends a dish a brightening acidity, which increases the perceived flavor of what you use it on.

When you ferment the chile, you will notice that it smells something like sport peppers. The bacteria which ferments them is also a type of lactobacillus, so this makes sense. The big difference though, is that sport peppers aren’t terribly flavorful. Green chile is. Fermented green chile provides the brightness of sport peppers along with the rich flavor of the chile. In many ways, the flavor of the green chile is brought out more.

It ends up tasting strikingly New Mexican, while also having a special something extra. It goes amazingly on burgers or hot dogs, as well as making a unique and delicious sauce.

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Check back here for a guide to ferment green chile and other things, and check out my blog or my personal website if you want to learn more about beer based fermentation.

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