As we are a chile market in New Mexico, green chile is our bread and butter. We’ve been roasting chile in Albuquerque since 1977, and selling it since 1962.

In New Mexico, green chile will be put into everything, even candy and drinks. Over the years, there have been many varieties of green chile grown in New Mexico. The most famous two, Sandia and Big Jim are often called for by name when people order their chile.

If you go to a New Mexican restaurant, you can be sure that everything come with an option: red or green. Most restaurants will also have at least one thing with green chile on it. Even McDonald’s sells green chile cheeseburgers.

We make a point to offer good quality chile. It is a lot more expensive than boxed chile sold in grocery stores, but it is definitely worth it. The chile we sell is bred for flavor, not just looks and mass production.

As green chile is a product which ripens as it ages, we change our growers farther north as the season progresses. This way, we can be sure to provide a distinctly green chile to contrast with the red chile we also sell in the later season. More than just that, New Mexican chile is a lot bigger than just Hatch.

Hatch, New Mexico has a great farming tradition. There are tons of farms there which grow a great variety of produce. There are some amazing chile growers there. Unfortunately, there are also plenty of growers who are only there for the name value. Terroir is important for many agricultural products, but the importance of good seeds and farming technique cannot be overstated.

New Mexico has a varied landscape, but there are many regions which are perfect for growing chile. Valleys such as Hatch, Socorro, and Chimayo are all well known for growing chile. If you find chile from these areas, it is likely as good or better than Hatch chile. In Albuquerque, we have been roasting chile for 47 years. We’ve roasted more chile than anyone in Albuquerque, and it’s not even close. Thank you Albuquerque for choosing us as your convenient place for roasted chile again in 2024!

During chile season, we roast chile in Albuquerque at 2010 Eubank NE every day from 9-5.


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