I’m 31 years old, and the 4th generation of Farmers Market in Albuquerque. I grew up in the Farmers Market stores and worked there since I was about 10 years old. I’ve been roasting chile since I was 15, and have been a fan of green and red chile for even longer.

I’ve visited a lot of farms, as I’ve always had a fascination with produce. I’ve been to chile farms, coffee farms, vegetable farms, hop farms, vineyards, and many more. There is always something new you can learn from farmers.

In addition to living in New Mexico, I have also lived in Japan, Taiwan, and Vietnam, and speak the languages as well. It has given me a good perspective about different flavor profiles, as has working as a chef while living abroad. Other projects I am involved in besides chile are Rieng, a lifestyle e-zine in Vietnam, ABQ Spice, a spice startup I will launch during chile season in order to take advantage of my culinary skills, and Albuquerque Chile, a blog based on chile focused foods in New Mexico.

If you are interested in beer or fermentation related content, I also have a blog called Beer with Jhett.

Running a chile stand gives me the freedom to travel and learn new languages, cultures, and cuisines, and I hope to bring that knowledge back to Albuquerque. I know a lot about New Mexico chile, and do my best to learn more in order to provide the best quality for our loyal customers.

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